Boys Get Raped Too (boysgetrapedtoo) wrote,
Boys Get Raped Too

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i make a mess like nobodies buisness

everyone i have ever loved has learned to hate me.
we are starting work on a snow man, and summer's sun will
bring it down long before you forgive me. i have totally
fucked up my entire life. i am walking a very thin line.
i think iv got a problem with everything. totally fucked.
totally in denial. totally realizing all of this and still
making the worst decisions of my life. my friends lie to my
face and talk shit most likely amd probably often. i wish
they would just say it to me. im sure id agree and id make
jokes. i dont feel right this morning. mdma ruins me.
for 6 hours i feel untouchable and comfortable. and then
afterwards i am completely lost and bruised and completely
fucking alone. this town cheeks my cum and spits
it back in my face with a smile.

if you've got even a little faith in me
and music check out that link and listen too
the last song in the player first. (WRITE 2 YOUR B) think of me.
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