Boys Get Raped Too (boysgetrapedtoo) wrote,
Boys Get Raped Too

words to live by from taylor babcock

Dear Drunk People

I hope you get better I know you are having drinking problem but try to stay away from that brink but dont lisent to other people that say lets go to drink

you go and you go to mettings becose you don’t want to drunk becose I bet you are beeting people up becouse you want to have more mony

you can now if you dont drink but you still can trow up a fwe times becouse you thow up after you drink you thow up a little but you will stop soon but all you need to do is stop drink

and thats how you stop drinking and then you will get mony and people will give you mony and you will feal good and then you can get lots of things if you are not drunk.

dont get druck!

Taylor Babcock
age 6
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