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everything is magic until it becomes routine [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Get Raped Too

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words to live by from taylor babcock [06 Aug 2008|04:33pm]
Dear Drunk People

I hope you get better I know you are having drinking problem but try to stay away from that brink but dont lisent to other people that say lets go to drink

you go and you go to mettings becose you don’t want to drunk becose I bet you are beeting people up becouse you want to have more mony

you can now if you dont drink but you still can trow up a fwe times becouse you thow up after you drink you thow up a little but you will stop soon but all you need to do is stop drink

and thats how you stop drinking and then you will get mony and people will give you mony and you will feal good and then you can get lots of things if you are not drunk.

dont get druck!

Taylor Babcock
age 6
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t:GH - office memo [18 May 2008|01:09pm]
its sunday morning and i miss you terribly.
sleeping in your sheets makes me miss you more.
im making you a sweet shirt, i think you will like it.
and i think we should leave for cali around like saturday the 7th or
sunday the 8th and then leave around the 15th 16th or 17th.
keiran brought her skateboard to the apartment and im gonna
goto that skate park on the hudson today and then grubb
at rubulad tonight. rubulad might have gotten shut
down that last time we were there. aparantly people (including the
guy that does nonsnce) are saying that three people who worked
at the party were arrested and that that was the first time
that had happened. he said there will be parties but for now they are
laying low.

i could never forget you virginia
i love you and i miss you infinitely
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team get home - office memo [17 May 2008|01:50pm]
its saturday morning in the sun in your living room and if i close
my eyes and concentrate hard enough i can almost fool myself
into believing that your in your room reading franticly. i doubt you'll
be reading your internet blog in zurich but if you do, this is for you
because i love and miss you very much and i count the seconds until you are back.

see you at 6 o clock in hyper space
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we're not sexy, we're not even a couple [24 Apr 2008|08:41am]
[ mood | nearing completion ]

i am trying so hard to keep this fire going.
smoldering embers in your kitchen, feed it some paper,
feed it a line, feed it anything worth everything.
when you smell the rain and the powers out and you
have cocaine to bag up, you need light to work by.
we were freinds before we were feinds.
used you for your body in that hallway, for
the world to see. im on the crest of spring,
slipping into summer. its bittersweet, it gets warm
and you get gone. i guess i just need complete disregard
for myself or my feelings. falling in love
with a run away freight train. hopefully empty,
hopefully going somewhere warm.

cut this hair, blend this mess.

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ok [07 Apr 2008|08:15pm]
my hairs blue now.

i love my life and the people i am lucky enough to share it with.
it just gets better and better. it is definitly difficult to even
comprehend that this will all end. i guess, more then ever, this just
motivates me to get moving.

music has stopped.
stencils and patches and shirts have started.

looking for a "road dog" for the summer.
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oh yeah... [03 Apr 2008|04:47pm]
and i dyed my hair platinum blond
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[23 Mar 2008|05:14pm]
all weekend me and virginia have been playing house in her amazing house in the woods. and we get to continue playing house until her parents come home on thursday. i feel so lucky to have a girlfriend that i trust with my life. at work i was talking with some co-workers about what they were doing for the weekend. one of my co-workers was throwing a party and he invited me. i asked if i could bring my girlfriend and they said "why would you want to do that? theres gonna be alot of hot bitches there. im not gonna bring my girlfriend" and i realized how lucky i am to have a girlfriend who is also my best friend. theres no one in the world who i would rather hang out rather than virginia. shes amazing. and i fully 100% realize how lucky i am to have her.
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[04 Mar 2008|04:55pm]
i can not wait to touch you.
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[03 Mar 2008|01:41pm]
i am so completely void of any way to describe how i feel right now.
manic. regretful. sad. speedey. i guess crazy is the word im looking for.

tell her mom treats you like a lover
but you have to hide all the mouth wash from her.
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i make a mess like nobodies buisness [03 Mar 2008|08:13am]
everyone i have ever loved has learned to hate me.
we are starting work on a snow man, and summer's sun will
bring it down long before you forgive me. i have totally
fucked up my entire life. i am walking a very thin line.
i think iv got a problem with everything. totally fucked.
totally in denial. totally realizing all of this and still
making the worst decisions of my life. my friends lie to my
face and talk shit most likely amd probably often. i wish
they would just say it to me. im sure id agree and id make
jokes. i dont feel right this morning. mdma ruins me.
for 6 hours i feel untouchable and comfortable. and then
afterwards i am completely lost and bruised and completely
fucking alone. this town cheeks my cum and spits
it back in my face with a smile.

if you've got even a little faith in me
and music check out that link and listen too
the last song in the player first. (WRITE 2 YOUR B) think of me.
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believe in me cuz i believe in you [29 Feb 2008|04:09pm]
tonight will be the most amazing night of my life.
spent with the most amazing person i have ever met ever.
there will be dancing. forever dancing and sweating and
kissing and hugging and hand holding and sweating. i lo
ve you i love you i love you.

into this furnace, i ask you now to venture, you whom i can not betray.
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[28 Feb 2008|09:46am]
i am in awe of your body.
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smashed her face and cried about it later [27 Feb 2008|08:09am]
[ mood | in a hurry ]

last night while driving home from work with dave and smoking weed i came to a realization. if been stressing about the dumbest shit ever for the last two days. and i realized, as i normaly do in daves company, that if i dont stop sweating small shit i am going to blow this.

not just this, but everything i have ever cared about in my life. ever.

thank you dave, for trying so hard to put up with my frenzy.

i came home last night, unplugged and moved my television, and i wrote, and i read and i feel asleep with on the road on my chest. i feel much better today.

i feel ready and willing.

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now. [26 Feb 2008|06:14pm]
the last 2 days have been possibly the most terrible days of my life.
dwelling on what a terrible person i have been is definitly getting to me.
and im getting sick. and my cravings are getting so intense.

i hope i am better than this.
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the hangover you cant shake [25 Feb 2008|02:03pm]
[ mood | a piece of shit ]

i have never been so sure about anything in my life.
every day i spend at work is just another day full of worrying.
and i hear pat thompson has completely lost it.
at least im not the only crazy one.
i am such an asshole.

good mornings, good night and good afternoon,
ill be right back

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latino girl, through the drive through window [21 Feb 2008|08:41am]
last nght was pretty great.

i love my friends but i fucking hate the drama.
the drama i make and will make and have to deal with.
and will have to deal with and am dealing with currently.
we I hope for seamless transistion while we most
likely get some cracks, spreading growing.
"no one says it 'till it shows" - elliot smith

i can not pay my car off by august.
and i probably couldnt get someone else to buy it.
wait, stop, ahead of myself once again.
its my life story.
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possibly dreaming, deifnitly lucky [20 Feb 2008|06:03pm]
i just recieved a call from a friends mother who i was pretty sure did not like me. she called and said that if i ever needed any help in any way that she was there for me. we chatted for a couple of seconds and then i said thank you for the millionth time and hung up. and i just started crying. that was probably the most amazing shit ever. i can not tell you how much that means to me.

the new mountaingoats album is pretty good. iv only hear one song but i am deinfitly not dissappointed.

i saw there will be blood last night, and to tell you the truth, ther wasnt really that much blood. but either way it was awesome, and at least 3 hours long, but still awesome.

last night was amazing.
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hes a scum bag [19 Feb 2008|08:28am]
we brace for impact over and over and over and over.
i listen to my heart almost completely all the time.
has it worked out so far? uh no
but in my heart i know iv taken almost every relationship iv ever been too as far as i possible could. this is probably such an easy desision. just waiting for the words to formulate.

i live my life on a string dangling infront of an open window.
waiting on the wind to take me somewhere new.
i will hold on if you want me to.
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so radical, to strive for nothing [18 Feb 2008|06:01pm]
i have never felt this fucking stupid before in my entire life.

what do you disrupt crushing disappointment with?
i will let you know when i figure it out
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we hate your babies [16 Feb 2008|05:49pm]
brownies and bong rips.
this weekend has been amazing.
i feel like im at home when i am here

and come august, i will be moving far away for a year.

i can not wait to sleep next to you.
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