Boys Get Raped Too (boysgetrapedtoo) wrote,
Boys Get Raped Too

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we're not sexy, we're not even a couple

i am trying so hard to keep this fire going.
smoldering embers in your kitchen, feed it some paper,
feed it a line, feed it anything worth everything.
when you smell the rain and the powers out and you
have cocaine to bag up, you need light to work by.
we were freinds before we were feinds.
used you for your body in that hallway, for
the world to see. im on the crest of spring,
slipping into summer. its bittersweet, it gets warm
and you get gone. i guess i just need complete disregard
for myself or my feelings. falling in love
with a run away freight train. hopefully empty,
hopefully going somewhere warm.

cut this hair, blend this mess.
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