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t:GH - office memo

its sunday morning and i miss you terribly.
sleeping in your sheets makes me miss you more.
im making you a sweet shirt, i think you will like it.
and i think we should leave for cali around like saturday the 7th or
sunday the 8th and then leave around the 15th 16th or 17th.
keiran brought her skateboard to the apartment and im gonna
goto that skate park on the hudson today and then grubb
at rubulad tonight. rubulad might have gotten shut
down that last time we were there. aparantly people (including the
guy that does nonsnce) are saying that three people who worked
at the party were arrested and that that was the first time
that had happened. he said there will be parties but for now they are
laying low.

i could never forget you virginia
i love you and i miss you infinitely
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